A man has shared a video filming an unexpected guest at his house that soon becomes viral on social media. The netizen was very surprised to see the way he treated his new guest.

The video showed a mother hawk nesting in the window garden box, outside of the apartment of the man. He was quite surprised to see her standing there looking at him cautiously. The mother does not seem to show any sign of leaving her eggs although she was very exhausted from laying eggs the night before.

After that, the man decided to give her some food because he thought that the mother hawk need to recover after such a long night laying eggs.

In the video, you can clearly see 5 fresh-layed eggs in the garden box. The man who was filming conclude that the eggs were only layed last night and the father hawk must be somewhere finding food for his new family.

Red Kite in Borth, Wales
Photo by James Padolsey / Unsplash

When giving the bird some fresh meat, we can see that the mother hawk decided to save some for her partner, such a thoughtful wife. After a few bites of the given meat, the hawk become more strusting of the man by coming closer to the opening window.

Actually, cases like this is not rare, especially when urbanization has become widespread and the forest, home to many wild animals, is getting more and more narrow. Some species need to learn how to adapt with the new environment by living and surviving in a crowed city such as monkey in India or a more common species – bird.

Although they have learnt how to live among the human, but this new environment gives them less food than in the forest. That is the reason why finding food is such a tough mission for them.

Well, although giving animal food is forbidden in the zoo, but to keep these bird safe and sound, giving them some piece of meat won’t hurt them, especially when they will live out side of your apartment for a long tim.