A school in the middle of a forest built entirely from bamboo. This is a modern eco-friendly school where students are educated on how to protect the environment and treasure what the Earth give to our human. What’s more? Beside made entirely from bamboo, the Green School in Bali also take advantage of natural sunlight by installing solar panel to generate energy for the whole school. You may hear about it, or see it, but do you actually know how the school educate its children?

Surprisingly, the school has a coffee for the parents of the students. Sitting at the Warung, you can see the children rush in for their morning snack all packed in the banana leaves, drinking their fresh fruit juice out of a glass cup.

John – the founder if the school – explain the core value from the lesson that the children can learn. The main idea is to teach the children about the importance of the Earth. Mother nature provide human and other animal with all source of food, so the kids will need to think twice before deciding to demolish it. Take a walk around the school, you can easily see a garden with different kind of tree such as banana, jackfruit, cacao and more. Cynthia point out that there is no pesticide used in the planting procedure, as the dragonflies are eating the bugs on these trees.

Ảnh có chứa cỏ, ngoài trời, người, cây

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However, the most important factor is the presence of the bamboo. The school is built by bamboo, the juice from this kind of tree is also used to served. Talking about the tree, John also reference to a Vietnamese idiom: when the bamboo is old, bamboo sprouts appears. It is true that bamboo can grow forever.

In the school, there is a woman who is splitting the bamboo seedlings, this is for a program that John and Cynthia – the co-founder of the Green School – is conducting. These seeds will soon be in the hands of the farmers. The farmers will plan new trees from the seeds and after 5 years, John and Cynthia will come back to collect the trees by buying them. The purpose of the project is to spread the growth of bamboo around the world.

Ảnh có chứa tòa nhà, trong nhà, nước

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The kids at school are also taught to calculate the carbon footprint so they will understand how many bamboo trees will need to be grown to absorb all the CO2 that is emitted during the process of burning coal, using cars, etc.

In conclusion, the Green School is the exact definition of eco-friendly, from the construction to the way of education, every activity, every project aims to create a better living environment for human and other animals. However, to be precise, it is to make our planet Earth become better day by day. Let’s hope the future of these little kids will give us a hand in helping to improve our beloved planet.