India will before long power 98 percent of its railway stations with solar energy. The nation aims to diminish its reliance on fossil fuels.

98 percent of India's railway stations will be powered by solar energy. This is the thing that the government of the Union of India aims to achieve by 2018 on 7,000 railway stations out of 7,137 the nation over. The declaration was made by Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley, who included that works have just begun in 300 railway stations, with the number expected to rise to 2,000 soon.

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Rooftop solar power systems

Solar energy will be given to Indian Railways because of the Solar Mission of the Indian Railways program, which has the installation of solar power systems on railway stations' rooftops. The point is decreasing the reliance on fossil fuels of India's railway system, which ranks first globally for the number of passengers in connection to the number of miles.

Alongside rooftop solar power systems, Indian Railways aims to lunch large-scale solar projects, including ground-mounted capacity. Additionally, the companies that produce the energy systems will have the option to buy the energy delivered straightforwardly from Indian Railways.

Indian Railways is energy-consuming

Indian Railways is the nation's first energy consumer. For this, it has been working for a considerable length of time to satisfy its energy demand with renewable sources. Indian Railways' electricity consumption is evaluated to surpass 2 percent of the nation's total consumption, utilizing 2.6 billion liters of diesel every year.

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This transforms into a cost of 5 billion dollars consistently, which is around one-fourth of the railways' total income. Costs must be compared and passengers, which amount to up to 20 million individuals consistently in one of the world's most trafficked railway networks. Passengers are on the rise and so is cargo transport, which increased by 165.7 percent between 1992 and 2015 essentially because of raw and processed materials.

Solar power to fulfill India's energy demand

In 2016 India signed a partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to set up 5 GW of solar power capacity through a mix of rooftop and ground-mounted projects. Up until this point, Indian railways launched their solar energy development program in two states, Gujarat and Rajasthan, where 25 MG of rooftop and 50 MG of ground-mounted capacity will be installed in the phase of the program. In the second phase, the program will involve 9 other states with 60 MG of rooftop and 660 MG ground-mounted capacity. During the third stage, 400 MW rooftop and 3,800 MW ground-mounted capacity will be installed in the rest of the nation.