Have you ever wonder what to do if one day you suddenly encounter a sea turtle on the beach? Maybe you will join in the crowd seeking for a chance to touch or take a photo of the rare animal. However, it is best not to disturb an animal since they may get stressed out. Many of us don not know much about these animal, what we all know is that people should not thow away plastic waste into the ocean to save the life of sea creatures. Now is the perfect time for you to know what kind of simple activity you can do to protect these creatures.

Diminish your carbon footprint

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Photo by Andrew Ruiz / Unsplash

A dangerous global warming can skew the sex proportions of sea turtles, just as the distribution of predators and prey. In spite of the fact that environmental change may appear too enormous an issue to handle, there are numerous means you can personally take to decrease a global warming

Adopt a sea turtle

Support sea turtle protection efforts by "adopting an sea turtle" or making a donation to a natural life preservation program that monitors and helps satellite-followed turtles. You can likewise "adopt a nest" during settling season.

Keep away from the beach activities at night

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Photo by Siam Choudhury / Unsplash

Attempt to avoid wandering on the sea shore during nighttime throughout summer, as this may terrify nesting turtles try to make their way back into the ocean. To help make it simpler for turtles to explore the sea shore, you can likewise discard sea shore furniture and other gear from the sea shore before nighttime, as turtles may become trapped in them or become bewildered.

Help spread awareness

There are numerous ways you can help to make a positive improvement for sea turtles. One fundamental method is through instruction. You can help teach your nearby neighborhood or school by giving introductions, and educate individuals about the cause during discussions.