When we talk about the grey whale, the timber wolf, the black rhino, the reason for keeping safe of these endangered creatures is not only because they deserve obvious protection but it is good for us as well.

The law and government now protecting wildlife animals from threating factors are both being defunded and reorganized. It will depend on citizens and environmental organizations to save these important links on the food chain. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

Photo by Jorge Franganillo / Unsplash

Educate your family about endangered species in your area. Provide your friends and family with more information regarding wildlife, birds, fish, and plants. Rising consciousness of these endangered species is a great way to keep them away from extinction. From the worms in the garden to the bats that pollinate and control the mosquitos, there are a bunch of ways that our daily routine at home influences these creatures.

Reduce your footprint. Drive less, walk more. Switch to use other moving tools by supporting public transportation.

Octopus washed up on beach
Photo by Bryan Burgos / Unsplash

Moreover, use biodegradable products that are possibly decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and eat healthy food grown by your farmers market.

Do not buy plastic products. If you do not recognize, wildlife species in nature are trapped in this kind of wastes and even some of them ingest and being killed. To stop kill aquatic and other kinds of animals on our planet, bring bags along with you whenever you go shopping, reuse containers and properly dispose of lightweight plastics.

Herbicides and pesticides are dangerous for wildlife at many levels. Firstly, it takes a long time for this sort of chemical to break down before disseminating throughout the food chain. Secondly, chemicals for planting can cause the death of animals such as hawks, owls, and coyotes when they eat poisoned animals, and it can rock whole populations.

Whilst at a birthday at the zoo, we walked past two of these little guys, both of which were in two different pens, separated by a wall. The only way they could see each other was when they climbed to the top of their trees and tried to reach for each other.
Photo by Fezbot2000 / Unsplash

There are many methods we can do to help these animals and vulnerable species from being extinct, but we must take action now. Our kids need to see us upgrading our behavior and taking the issues seriously.

Reduce your water consumption. Water plays an important role in our life. During the dry season, people should not water their lawns, but we need to understand that clean water is one of the biggest problems that wild animals and humans are facing now. Learning to use water wisely is a great way to save the environment. Also, our daily habits can dirt the water such as dump chemicals or pharmaceuticals down toilets, storm drains or into streams or lakes.