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Learn about A Flat Plate Collector

A Flat Plate Collector is a heat exchanger that converts the radiant solar power from the sun into heat energy using the well-known greenhouse effect. It collects, or captures, solar power and use that energy to heat water in the

Smart Power for Rural Development

Energy development, as both a driving force and a consequence of such tremendous changes, has had a profound impact on economic, social, and environmental development. Rural energy has always been

Burger King is stopping free plastic toys for kid

Environmental campaigners claim that plastic giveaways are catastrophic – but will the fast-food chain’s move make any difference? Plastic is regarded as the excellent product of the last century: enduring,

Starbucks proves you can recycle coffee cups

Maybe we are not a big fan of Starbucks who frequently drop by in, but now and then throughout the past year or so, we realized that the trash receptacle

16ft Pair of LUNGS Unveiled in London to prove air pollution in real-time

E.ON has shown a 16ft installation which outwardly speaks to the issue of air pollution, after 88% of people admitted they are confused about air pollution and 89% would